Dossier Manager: the smart solution for Medical files

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Manage your medical records,
from absence to inspections

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For medical professionals, from
examining doctor to employer

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Professional health
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Dossier Manager: the smart solution for Medical files

  • Less administration, more efficiency;
  • All data within reach;
  • Innovative solutions.

Thanks to Dossier Manager you will indeed have the least possible administration. Dossier Manager supports the overall medical path for all parties concerned. The core is the Electronic Medical File (EMF). This is a digital, personal file in which you can quickly and simply enter and consult data. Dossier Manager has been designed from actual practice, thereby offering professionals maximum support.

MediSoft offers more

MediSoft attaches great value to a good relationship with our clients and goes the extra mile. If you use Dossier Manager, we will take care of the implementation, training, management and maintenance/support. Besides, you may always appeal to us for special wishes you would like to have implemented in the program. After all, each company is different. We will help you to maximize the use of Dossier Manager.

Flexible and complete

What does Dossier Manager have to offer?

  • Digital, personal files of all clients;
  • Spotting, monitoring and planning;
  • Reports that automatically generate file data;
  • Standard forms for the most frequently occurring examinations;
  • Management information, including statistics and analyses;
  • Simple links with other information systems;
  • Save and GDPR/RODO proof.

Dossier Manager is the logical choice for everyone working in the field of reintegration, prevention, medical inspection and medical clinics. This powerful, complete solution will enable you to concentrate on what it is all about. Dossier Manager provides the following practical facilities:

  • Flexible files;
  • Agenda and planning (for the consulting room) linked to Outlook and gmail;
  • E-mail links for recording data;
  • Video consulting;
  • Automatic generation of documents;
  • Scanning documents and (medical) correspondence;
  • Recording responsibilities, authorisation and positions.